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Thread: the perfect 4x5 case

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    the perfect 4x5 case

    Well, it is for me, so I'll pass it along. If you have a Lowes home improvement store in your area, they carry a tool box that is black, with a red lid made by Contico. All I had to do is screw in two 1x3's to hold the monorail. You can scr ew in dividers, line it with foam, sit on it because the lid is so reinforced. I t fits my Calumet 45NX perfectly. $22.00! The Tenba Air View ($250.00) is now co llecting cob webs. Its monsterous compared to the Contico. By the way, this same company makes an attache style aluminum case. I didn't check it out. Don't know the quality, but I think it was $25.00. On ebay, someone was selling one for ph oto equipment.

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    the perfect 4x5 case

    Oooh, that hurts! The photo manufactures hate when you do things like that, blowing little trade secrets. I once bought a little insulated 6-pack cooler for $6 and use it to tote my Hi-8 video camera. Comparable cases by the photo guys cost $65 and up. Go figu

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    the perfect 4x5 case

    On the topic of camera cases, I have a big Orbit 8X10 view camera, but no carrying case. Anybody have any ideas on what might work with this large, heavy camera?

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    the perfect 4x5 case

    i applaud your ingenuity - sounds like a good solution to a common problem. i long ago stopped trying to use a hard case - too heavy, too awkward to carry. for the past several years, i have used a "california cooler" (a collapsible picnic cooler) - it is a box- shaped, padded, soft case that fits my short-rail cambo perfectly by sheer coincidence. since the bag has zipper access to the padding, i was able to add some additional foam to make it form-fit my needs. i carry the camera upright - rail at the bottom - so it is a breeze to pull out and set up. the bag is light, very sturdy, easy to carry, and cost about $30 at a sporting goods store. i use an eddie bauer black shoulder bag to carry lenses (in calumet wraps), accessories, readyload holder, and several boxes of readyload tmax100.

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    the perfect 4x5 case

    For the Orbit view camera, if you have the funds, you might want to check out the f/64 backpack.

    Wisner sells them

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    the perfect 4x5 case

    f64 cases are nice. You can also get them at WB Hunt's in Melrose, MA. Cheers, Scott

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    the perfect 4x5 case

    With regards to the Orbit 8x10, it is my understanding that the f/64 case will only hold 4x5 film holders. For my Tachihara 8x10 I went with a Lowe Alpine Contour Classic 90+15 internal frame back pack. With judicious and ample use of closed and open cell foam I can carry my camera, 10 film holders, focusing cloth, lens, etc and have room to spare for food and drink. With all of my equipment I was able to dance with my wife while wearing the pack in the living room (this is a good test and amused my wife no end). This pack is around $150 retail. Quite a savings over those pesky Lowe Pros, etc.

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    the perfect 4x5 case

    ...On the other hand, I was shooting along the coast not too long ago when my Lowepro bag had it's maiden voyage. My practice is to set my camera bag further up the beach from where I'm shooting. The logic being that the rouge wave will get to me before the camera bag, giving me enough warning to run back & move it. In reality, that rouge wave happened while I was under the dark cloth. I looked over my shoulder to see my "pesky" Lowepro bag floating further up the beach with my medium format gear aboard. The surprise? No leaks!

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    the perfect 4x5 case

    Gotta love it! If you have a bigger camera, try the Contico large case -- only one drawback -- it's even CHEAPER! About $16 and also works for strobe gear. Simply line with foam. As with backpacking, half the fun is improvising ;-) I just flew mine to Oregon with strobe gear -- it survived the round trip with only some abrasion to the hinge. And I didn't cry -- a replacement costs about the same as a gel filter!

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