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Thread: Hand Held Verito 7in Camera Options

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    Re: Hand Held Verito 7in Camera Options

    The most common Graflex SLR's in the 4x5 format are the Series B, Series D, Super D and the Autograflex. has some very good information available. You might want to look in the help forum on the site if you have any specific questions. They are upgrading the site and it says it is locked, but the archive search still works and folks are still posting there.

    Some basic differences that I am aware of:
    ~Series B - Fixed lensboard
    ~Series D - Interchangeable lensboard, built in lens shade over lens
    ~Super D - Flash synch connector on body, auto set diaphragm, simplified shutter speed tension settings and some came with factory graflok back.
    ~Autograflex - Longer bellows, inerchangeable lens board, drop bed capabilities and rising front standard.

    As for prices, they are all over the place on the auction site. I would be tempted to only buy from someone who can accurately describe the camera and the shape of the focal plane shutter. As-is and "I don't know anything about cameras" auctions can be a bargain or a real nightmare. And also look for a camera that comes with a few film holders, as they are not easy to find when you "need them", only when you have already built up your stash do they show up in quantity!

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    Re: Hand Held Verito 7in Camera Options

    I think a "D" or Super "D" would be necessary. The "B" would require extensive surgery to mount the lens and the RB Auto Graflex needs a longer focal length.

    Super D's are pretty expensive. Their biggest advantage is the auto diaphragm which doesn't work with other than the standard lens. A plain "D" would seem the best choice unless you find a Super with Graflok back.

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    Re: Hand Held Verito 7in Camera Options

    To add to what Ernest said, I measured from film plane to front of lens board and found:

    4X5 D Graflex 6 5/8 inches.

    4X5 RB Auto Graflex 8 3/8 inches.

    These are very quick and approximate measurements. Richard Paine in "A Review of Graflex" gives "Focal Capacity" for the D as 12 inches and for the RB Auto as 18". The RB would be a good choice if you need to focus close with a long focal length lens. For a lens shorter than 8 inches, I agree with Ernest the D would be the best bet.

    I suspect most professionals in the days when Grafllexes were commonly used, had both a Graflex and a Speed Graphic (for use with shorter focal length lenses). Rather as a later generation of photographers used Leica M for shorter FL and Nikon F for telephoto work.

    Ernest also mentions flash sync built into the Super D. I believe this only synced for the special long-burning FP flash bulbs, not electronic flash. Someone correct me if I'm wrong about this. I have an after-market flash sync built into my RB Auto, but have never tried to use it.

    Finally, maybe I've had bad luck with Graflex shutters, but I've had curtains tear on three of them. I realize these are old cameras, so it is more a disappointment than a huge shock, but anyone getting into Graflexes should be aware of the possibility. I'm not saying don't buy one, just be aware someday you may have to replace the shutter curtain. If you ever take one on an important shoot, having a back up camera would be a really good idea. Or maybe I've bought all the ones with weak shutters, and the rest of you are safe.

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    Re: Hand Held Verito 7in Camera Options

    As my Grandfather used to say "Always with the questions"
    Now as my 7 inch Verito is apparently a convertable by removing the front element making it a 'something bigger' inch Verito(anyone know to what?) and as I would like to use both (one as standard and the other as portrait) which would be the better of the graflexes to get. We can chuck out the B (fixed lens board) but now iit gets a little confusing as what is the minimum focal length on the RB Auto, I suppose if its too long you could recess the board as long as you have enough travel for the verito minus the front element. Or will the D cover both situations. Thanks for all the replies, this is turning out to be very informative.
    peace and goodwill fergs
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    Re: Hand Held Verito 7in Camera Options

    fergs1 - This page:
    shows the 7 1/4" FL Verito having an 11" FL using the rear cell alone. As to a recessed lens board for a RB Auto Graflex, keep in mind the board is rather small - 3 3/4" square. The opening in the recess behind the board is even smaller. From the film plane to the front of the mirror as it swings up is approx. 6 3/4", so in theory your 7 1/4" lens could be recessed enough, but I'm not sure the small board has enough room for the recess. Is your lens in barrel mount or shutter? That will make a difference in having room inside a recessed board.

    Now on a D Graflex, the 7 1/4" lens should work well, but the maximum extension, film plane to front of lens board is approx. 11 3/4". A normal 11" FL lens would probably focus at infinity, as the nodal point which FL is measured from is usually at about the position of the diaphragm. But with the single cell used behind the diaphragm, I don't know where the nodal point will be located. And to focus very close you need even more extension.

    I have a feeling an extended lens board for using the 11" lens on the D Graflex may work best for you. You seem to be right in the area where neither camera will quite do what you want to do. The obvious solution is to buy one of each. That way you will also have a backup camera. Most of the people I know who have Graphics or Graflexes have more than one. Owning a dozen or more isn't uncommon. So you may as well throw caution to the wind and start your collection.

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    Re: Hand Held Verito 7in Camera Options

    Hey Leonard can I show my wife your recomendations about owning several, shes gonna love you! Not! Still nothing but good advice about the rest. I will go down the D or Super D path as I'm itchin to use the Verito.Now the real work begins,,finding one in good nick in Australia.I'm lucky in that a good friend of mine is a Leica technition so he may be able to help get one going although its a bit like asking a porsche mechanic to "'take a look at my tractor can you"
    peace and goodwill fergs

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    Re: Hand Held Verito 7in Camera Options

    fergs1 - My wife never complains about my cameras since she has a couple of horses. She doesn't have to haul hay for my Graphics like I do for her critters.

    You may get lucky and find just what you need over there. I suppose shipping will be expensive if you find one in the US, although that may be what you will have to do. I think there were some British made sheet film SLRs, but I don't know a thing about them. They may be just as rare where you are as Graflex.

    As you are Graflex hunting, the odds are you will find a Speed Graphic for sale first. Even though I agree with the other people who say a Graflex is better for use with your Verito, you should be able to use it on a Speed, focusing on the ground glass. Something to fill in until you find a Graflex. But of course you must get the idea past TW (the wife). Try "These cameras are an investment. They are going up in value every year." or "I'll shoot portraits and make money" or "All the other guys have a dozen or more. I only want two (or three)".

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    Re: Hand Held Verito 7in Camera Options

    greetings, ive just been reading the graflex site and I;m abit confused. When you release the mirror does it fly up quickly and then release the shutter like any modern slr(minus the auto return) or do you slowly raise the mirrow until it trips the shutter(which would kinda negate the advantage of having an slr since in the time it takes to raise the mirrow gently you may have inadvertedly moved the camera slightly buggering the composition, or can you do both
    peace and goodwill fergs

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    Re: Hand Held Verito 7in Camera Options

    You release the shutter and the mirror flies up automatically before the shutter opens, just like on a modern SLR.

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    Re: Hand Held Verito 7in Camera Options

    Actually, you have a choice with most Graflexes. Next to the mirror cocking lever on the right side of the camera is a sliding tab. In one position, tripping the left hand shutter release releases the mirror and as soon as it is up, the focal plane shutter fires. In the other position of the sliding tab, the LH release only releases the mirror. Then the shutter is tripped by a lever on the right side, just above the mirror cocking lever. On some Graflexes, this sliding tab is really stiff and hard to move. On this picture:
    H is the mirror cocking lever, D is the sliding tab, and M is the focal plane shutter release used when the mirror is up.

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