I am a computer science researcher working on image compression algorithms and need some large RAW images to help with my research.

Most of the images available online are JPEG'ed, but I need images which were captured digitally and then saved as RAW, without any loss. (I checked the digital cameras with all my friends, but ouch! none of them had raw saving options, only jpeg :-(

Data compression researchers have some famous (at least among us researchers) image sets which were released by Kodak, Jpeg committee, and some universities over the years but they are all very old to be used for research now. For example, they are mostly 512x512 images with 8-bit depth. Most modern cameras can capture *much* more detail than this, and at 12 or even 16 bits per color.

I need around 50 RAW images taken from a wide-range of digital cameras, saved as RAW with full quality, without any loss or editing. If some of you can pool in a few images each, I will have the set ready :-)

I can't think of any way other than this forum to get around 50 full-quality snaps from 10-20 'expensive' cameras.

(I guess most of you are professional or enthusiast photographers, and each snap you have taken must be a piece of art for you. I don't need any of your prized photographs, just about any good snaps will do.)

Thanks in anticipation.

Sachin Garg [India]
www.sachingarg.com | www.c10n.info