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Thread: Yes, but, is it photography??

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    Yes, but, is it photography??

    Hi guys, I've just posted a new series on my website that will surely cause some controversy around here, judging from the recent thread about "message versus medium." To convey the issues that are the essence of this project, I have had to part with some cherished aspects of the photographic process, and I do so with no small reluctance. These images are not as easy to sit through as traditional photographs; they do not carry the same aesthetic sense of light, color, depth, and composition that can draw the viewer into a beautiful photograph of an otherwise frightening subject. So the project has some limitations that I have to face right off the bat; in any event I welcome your thoughts and comments.

    Cheers from Seattle,


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    Re: Yes, but, is it photography??

    Chris, your work has always stood out to me as something 'cool'. This new project is no exception. I love your work

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    Re: Yes, but, is it photography??

    Wow! This is a great way to put statistics into perspective. How long did you work on this - it must have been a monumental effort to produce these images. Where could I see them hung on a wall?

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    Re: Yes, but, is it photography??

    To my admittedly amateur mind there is nothing blasphemous about any of this: it is digital photographic art with a specific objective in mind. I just saw quite a few examples of digital photographic art at the Photo LA show yesterday: one was an enormous mural-sized print showed a ground-level, fish-eye view of a New York City street scene juxtaposed against a background high elevation mountain ice field (or something similar). I wasn't quite sure what the artist was saying with the piece, but it was visually striking and attracted quite a bit of attention. There was no sense of outrage that I could tell that the image was clearly a digital creation.

    Chris, I think your new series communicates its message effectively and is extremely well done. Bravo!

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    Re: Yes, but, is it photography??

    At least some of it is photography. But all of it is art. I'm especially fond of the tribute to Seurat.

    This project in particular reminds me of Andy Goldsworthy's sculptures.

    Nice work. Good luck with it.

    Bruce Watson

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    Re: Yes, but, is it photography??

    Very interesting and inspiring. Keep up the good work.

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    Re: Yes, but, is it photography??


    I agree it is very interesting indeed.

    Richard A. Nelridge

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    Re: Yes, but, is it photography??

    Interesting project, I would love to see it in person, good job Chris


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    Re: Yes, but, is it photography??

    My wife, who is a graphic designer/artist, says its very good graphic artwork. Graphic design is about conveying a message which this work does very well.

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    Re: Yes, but, is it photography??

    Fascinating. Are the originals being shown? How are they presented? I feel this could be a very powerful installation.

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