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Thread: Arista Film

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    Arista Film

    Anyone out there ever use the Arista film available from FreeStyle Photo? I hav e it on good word that this stuff is manufactured by Ilford and is actually FP4 under a differend brand name.

    I'm considering taking some with me to Europe this summer and I'd like to get as many opinions as possible before I buy it.

    Thanks for any info. you care to send.


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    Arista Film


    Actually I think there are quite a few posts in the archives on Arista. I am more or less completely convinced that it is FP4 and HP5 and it is not some kind of "second." I have use the 8x10 and several boxes over the years of the 4x5 with nary a problem. Same developing times as the Ilford, same look. Great stuff and really cheap. I quit using the 8x10 because I preferred the Agfa but now that Afga has discontinued it's 8x10 offerings I'm back to Arista when my supply runs out.

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    Arista Film

    Jason -

    I've been very pleased with the Arista 400 that I've shot in 8x10 format, and you can't beat the price... go buy some and help keep the brand alive!!

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    Arista Film

    Ditto on its being a good film and a great price. I have used it in 35mm, 120 and 4x5, all in HC-110 with good results and lots of "zone system" room. If the 4x5 is a bit thinner in the base, the 120 is a little thicker than Kodak, and a bit easier to load onto a Nikkor reel.

    Freestyle also has (I think) Arista in color neg and color transp. I may be wrong, but I think I will try some and see what I get. The price is good enough that I can run through a few rolls without breaking the bank.

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