I have a wista 4x5 woodfeild. This has been my only LF camera and has given me good service for almost a year now. However i have some minor issues (since i haven't used anything else i don't know if they are major ones) with the camera. I have standerdized my lens lineup around a 90mm SA/150mm Docter germinar/210 (considering a switch with 250mm fujinon) computar. One complaint i have with the camera is that with the 90mm the bed of the camera gets in the way sometimes when i am using movements. Also the controls don't seem to lockdown as rigidly as i would have liked. Living in rochester the cold wether is also killing my fingers b/c the knobs are so small. My biggest beef with the camera is that mouinting a different lens requires using a screwdriver to loosen the locking nuts on the front standard that hold the lens board flush. All things considered however i do like the fact that it's so light in weight that i could carry my LF gear and digital gear together (so weight is important to me). The fresnel lens is also very welcome b/c it's so easy to focus.

I reallize that the best replacement would be somewhere in the lines of a Ebony etc. However i seriously cannot afford anything above $1000 at the moment. I have been considering a Shen hao. Would i gain much by getting the shen to replace the wista? Onething going for the shen is the back movements which i feel is a huge plus. However i am unsure if it addresses the issues i have with the wista. The incresed weight and lack of a fresnel is also bothring me.

Anyother recommendations will be most welcome. I'd like to add that i am looking for a folding camera and buying used is definatly an option (most of my gear is used)