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Thread: Correcting underdevelopped film

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    Correcting underdevelopped film

    I have a T-Max 400 negative that is underex and underdev that I need to try to s alvage. Is there something I can use to give the neg some more density, a bit li ke selenium toner does to prints (perhaps more than that) ? Thanks a lot!

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    Correcting underdevelopped film

    Frederic, Try either of the following: Formulary Chromium Intensifier for Nega tives, Cat# 05-0065, or Formulary Silver Intensifier for Negatives, Cat#s 05-007 0/05-0080. You can get these from: Photographers' Formulary, 800-922-5255, P.O. Box 950, Condon, Montana 59826.

    I have not used these with T-Max 400 negatives. I have used them with other B&W films. They do work well with underdeveloped negatives, possibly with underexp osed ones as well.

    To what extent the intensification process works on underexposure vs. underdevel opment is not quite clear in my own mind. Both conditions can exist simultaneou sly. But, it would seem logical that if the "information" is not exposed onto t he film in the first place, nothing you can do will extract density, or intensif y silver deposits, not already there. Try it, but don't count on any miracles.

    I've had best results with the Formulary Silver Intensifier. Basically, the int ensifier deposits additional silver on an underdeveloped negative. The amount o f intensification is somewhat proportional to the amount of silver originally pr esent in the negative. You can repeat the process as often as necessary. It wo rks in room light, so you can judge the degree of intensification. It seems to be permanent.

    Good luck, Sergio.

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