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Thread: On bulbs for an enlarger

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    On bulbs for an enlarger

    Are there prior darkroom users who have tried various bulbs for enlargers?

    If yes, what are good criteria for enlarger bulbs? I have a Focomat IIc, it is now all together but I don't have a bulb. The recommended bulb is on order, but what's so special about that?

    I see many types of bulbs at the hardware store, and the IIc has a regular bulb socket. There are even daylight bulbs, which claim to have a better match to sunlight. It sounds like it would do a good job for BW, and perhaps a superb job for colour (if I ever get insane enough to do colour at home).


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    Re: On bulbs for an enlarger

    Go jump over to as someone might help (a focomat IIc is an old Leica projector yes?) but as far as I know you want a low wattage bulb that has the text around the rim, not on the top of the bulb

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    Re: On bulbs for an enlarger

    Most condenser enlargers use one of three bulbs: a #211 @ 75 watts, a #212 @150 watts, or a #213 @ 250 watts. As the previous poster said, the ID is printed around the base of the lamp so the numbers don't appear in negative on your prints. My guess for a 35mm enlarger is that a #211 would be fine. The #212 is standard for a 4x5 Omega; a #213 is way too much for most appplications.

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    Re: On bulbs for an enlarger

    They seem to have bulbs for old Leica enlargers . . . . for a price, of course.

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