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    Smile Emulsion Magazine

    Looks like Emulsion Magazine's student discount rate has been extended to anybody who wants to subscribe, during the month of December.


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    Re: Emulsion Magazine

    Thanks for reminding us Jason.

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    Re: Emulsion Magazine

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks. Nice to see you visiting here as well as at APUG.

    Richard A. Nelridge

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    Re: Emulsion Magazine

    So, I subscribed about a week and a half ago and late last week my first issue appeared in the mailbox. Excellent fulfillment!


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    Re: Emulsion Magazine

    Quote Originally Posted by naturephoto1 View Post
    Hi Jason,

    Thanks. Nice to see you visiting here as well as at APUG.

    Well, its really nice to be here. (well, at least virtually(sp?)
    Oh, single issue sales, are now also available on the site, which is good news for those that subscribed after the premiere issue, and would like to get it. I recieved #2 a week ago. Really neat, even better than the first. A really cool article on Clay Harmons alt process darkroom was my favorite.

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