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Thread: Stamping fine art prints?

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    Stamping fine art prints?

    Last week I delivered a collection of black and white 20x24 prints to a gallery that I work with. I usually sign my images in pencil at the lower right corner (backside of print), together with info on month and year of signature.

    After signing the prints, I had a conversation with my printer and a fellow photographer regarding stamping info on the backside of images (rubber stamp). I realized that there was several views on this topic.

    While sending a portfolio of prints for viewing to someone (gallery, newspaper, magazine), I would always stamp the prints: "copyright xxxname and date, all rights reserved"; perhaps with the addition of "not to be reproduced without written permission of photographer"
    However, would you stamp similar text on the backside of fine art prints, made with the purpose of sale in a gallery? or would you just leave it with the signature and date?

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    Re: Stamping fine art prints?

    I would add to this with a question on signing prints in general - where, and is signature stamp okay compared with actual signature.

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