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Thread: Any surveys of 240s on 8x10 out there?

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    Any surveys of 240s on 8x10 out there?

    It's going to be a while before I start looking for one, so i figure the Ebay price bump from this enquiry will be over by the time I get to it. I'm seriously pondering 240 as my wide for 8x10. My 90 seemed a little short to me on 4x5 and I'm heeding advice on here that one wants to be a little more moderate with the outrageous new format. I am aware of the g-claron which seems to be the leading canidate. I've also been tempted by a Sironar-N, but I'm worried about coverage with movements (multi-coating would be a nice touch). The Kowa-graphics/Computars/et al are tempting, is the WF Ektar. Any insights?
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    Re: Any surveys of 240s on 8x10 out there?

    There is another thing adding to popularity of the G Claron. A friend who shoots both 8x10 and 5x7 says he likes the 240mm G Claron on his 5x7 very much.


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    Re: Any surveys of 240s on 8x10 out there?


    I use a 240 G Claron and a 250 WF Ektar on my 8x10 and I love 'em both.

    The 250 WF is a big lens (Universal #5---which requires a 'long throw' cable release) with acres of coverage, opens up to f/6.3 for low light focusing and requires either a huge, hard to find slip on adapter for filters or I use a Lee rubber band thingy and polyester filters. It is single coated. It also often benefits from a sun shade of some sort (I use my hat) It is a wonderful lens though---very contrasty but gives nice creamy tones. I like it.

    The 240 G Is a little lens and folds up in the 'dorff with the lensboard reversed. It is bright even at f9 when focusing. I think its optimal at f/32 for taking. Lots of coverage at that f-stop. It uses screw on filters from my 35mm SLR kit. It is single coated and in a #1 Copal.It is very contrasty and sharp---dangerously sharp

    Either one would be a fine choice---or get both!
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    Re: Any surveys of 240s on 8x10 out there?

    And don't forget about the Fujinon A 240
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    Re: Any surveys of 240s on 8x10 out there?

    I just got my 240 G-Claron not very long ago and it replaced a Nikkor 240 f5.6 for field shooting. The Nikkor sits in a Copal 3 and, as John mentioned, the G-Claron happily resides in a Copal 1. Big difference in weight between the two lenses!

    The 240 G-Claron on 8x10 is great... as nice and even nicer on 5x7!

    FWIW, my vote goes to the G-Claron. I'm not familiar with the 250 WF so I won't comment on it. But, you surely can not go wrong with John's advice.

    Buy both!

    Life in the fast lane!

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    Re: Any surveys of 240s on 8x10 out there?

    When I hit the powerball it will be cool lenses for everyone. I always suspected the G was the way to go.

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    Re: Any surveys of 240s on 8x10 out there?

    Jim, have an excellent 240G if you're ready now. $395. OR a Goerz Dagor uncoated in Alphax for same $$ The Dagor covers more and has a time honored look for 810 contacts but in truth it really is neither as sharp or as contrasty as the G-Claron.

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    Re: Any surveys of 240s on 8x10 out there?

    GClarons are really amazing. The one I picked up from Ray Bidegain is just as sharp and nearly as contrasty as my 240 Germinar W f/9. So here's my list of favorites in 240 on 8x10:

    - 240 Schneider Symmar Convertible f/5.6 in #2 Compur (sharp, contrasty, and bright on the gg)
    - 240 Docter Optic Germinar W f/9 (multi-coated wonder optic!)
    - 240 Schneider GClaron f/9 (a little dark on the gg, even in full sun)

    I had a 250 Kodak Wide Field Ektar. If you can handle the size, they are truely wonderful.

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    Re: Any surveys of 240s on 8x10 out there?

    I've been very happy with my 240 Germinar W. Essentially a multi-coated G-Claron, it is a relatively lightweight (Copal 1) lens with very good coverage when stopped down.

    My Fuji 240A is arguably the sharpest lens I have ever owned, but its coverage is limited on 8x10 (no more than an inch or so of rise/fall, or very limited front tilt). It is better suited for 4x5 or 5x7.

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    Re: Any surveys of 240s on 8x10 out there?

    Besides the other 240mm lens recommended, I really like my 240mm Graphic Kowa in a Copal 3s shutter. Sharp and lots of coverage. Another alternative to consider, 250mm Fujinon f6.7

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