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Thread: Epson New Printer & Rebates

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    Epson New Printer & Rebates

    I have heard from one Epson wide format dealer that Epson will announce a new printer on Sept. 27th. I called another dealer from who I had just purchased an Epson 7800 who confirmed this. They are sworn not to divulge any details, I did get the impression that it will be very wide, and compete against high end Canon. It will use the K3 ultrachrome set. (maybe add others? ?)

    The other item of note is that I purchased my 7800 while unaware of a printer plus paper combination rebate program. Details of rebates are available at Epson site.

    I purchased mine for under $2,800, with no shipping charge, then with the rebate program bought $300 worth of epson papers for which combination, I will get $200 back. (If you own a qualifying earlier model, it can accelerate to as much as $700 in rebate I believe)

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    Re: Epson New Printer & Rebates


    I've heard several things about these printers 4880/7880/9880 and the 64" width 11880

    There was a mistakenly published press release last week with some info - depending on what I've heard they are either being announced tomorrow (17th July) or in September (such is the way with rumours :-)

    I've collected all the info I've been able to find (including the optional $1500 technician fitted spectrophotometer) at:

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