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Thread: Horseman LX - pros and cons

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    Horseman LX - pros and cons

    I'd like to get some opinions on this:

    I have been looking around a bit at older threads about the Horseman LX. I have the opportunity to buy a package for $950, which consists of an LX, normal and wideangle bellows, a multicoated Rodenstock Sironar-N, 210mm f5.6, bellows compendium with filter holder, some sort of more advanced cable release, a quickshoe, 10 holders and a hard case. Used very sparingly by first owner. I will use it mostly indoors, but with a wideangle I might take it outside (roadside and in town on foot, but no extended hiking).

    Are there any particular pros and cons with this model? Anything to look out for? I suppose you could get this cheaper, but I am not living in the US.
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    Re: Horseman LX - pros and cons

    That sounds like a fair price and a nice kit.

    It will be ideal for any sort of studio or indoor photography because of the precise geared movements, but will be a fair bit difficult to get any farther than a couple hundred yards from the car. You'll also want a nice sturdy tripod since the LX is a fairly heavy camera.

    I'd say if you don't intend on hiking or packing the camera around, it would be a very nice camera to use, and one that you would not need to upgrade from.

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    Re: Horseman LX - pros and cons

    First, buy it and don't look back it is a very good deal. Now for some details:

    1) You didn't mention which rail comes with the camera. I am assuming it is the extending rail which is usually standard with the LX. If it is not then it is still a good deal but no longer spectacular.

    2) Make sure the Quickshoe tripod mount and camaera plate fit together good and tight .... test it .... wiggle it. It is a solid system but like anythign can wear over time and sometimes they hav some wiggl ein them.

    3) No idea what you mean by advanced cable release ... some more details please.

    There are no cons to the model, especially at the price you are quoting other than the fact that it is heavy. You won't find your self going very far with it for sure. I use the Horseman system in my studio and been for years. It is every bit as full fetured a system as any available and the cost is often substantially less. I have always found it to be rugged and precise. BTW, I don't think you could get the gear much cheaper, if any cheaper in the US. Figure the best you wil do on a pristine LX is 600-700, add another 50-100 for the bag bellows, another 150 50 200 for compendium lens shade, 50-100 for the quickshoe system, 50-100 for the holders, 300 for the lens and I haven;t even added in the cable release and the case and you are already at around 1200.

    Remember it is heavy, if you don't have a very heavy duty tripod you will need one, especially with the camera extended. On those rare ocassions when I take it offsite I use a Gitzo TeleStudex tripod. In the studio it is on a Cambo Camera Stand.

    If you have any more specific questions shout.

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    Re: Horseman LX - pros and cons

    Thank you for the replies so far,

    the camera has the extending rail. The cable release seems to be something Horseman-made. From the sellers' description and photos this basically makes it possible to use the lens with opening, checking DoF and finally making the shot from the cable release. He also mentioned that there was a readyload holder, but as these have changed over the years, I am not sure whether it is useable anymore.

    As far as the seller says he's only used it for one client, doing product shots of furniture, and it seemed like they weren't all that many, either. He's now retired, and said that there was no use leaving the camera for his kids, "they aren't even able to open the case, much less understand what's in it".

    I looked at the Horseman site, and found the weight - yes, it'll be some hauling if it is going anywhere further than a couple of hundred meters out of doors... I will have to upgrade my tripod, definitely.

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