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Thread: remote cable release or self-timer release?

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    remote cable release or self-timer release?

    I'm looking for a cable release that will give me 10 seconds to run back into th e picture and join my family in the shot. You know, like the self-timer on a 35m m that allows a few seconds so you can get back in front of the Christmas tree f or the annual picture...

    Does anybody make a mechanical device that counts to 10 and then depresses the s hutter release via the cable?

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    remote cable release or self-timer release?

    Why does it have to be done by cable? Adorama sells a device that screws into the manual cable release connection on your camera and works like a self-timer (though I'm not sure it delays exactly ten seconds). I use it occasionally with my Pentax 67 camera but as far as I know it will work with any camera that has a place for screwing in a manual cable release. If you're interested, let me know and I'll try to provide more information. It isn't expensive - maybe $15 or so.
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    remote cable release or self-timer release?

    Why not just use an air release? Kaiser makes 2. A 16' and a 32' one.

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    remote cable release or self-timer release?

    Brian, I am interested in this product.. what is it called.. is it in Adoramas catalog?

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    remote cable release or self-timer release?

    B&H has two listed in their catalogue. Go to:

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    remote cable release or self-timer release?

    I have used the kind of device Brian has on my Pentax 67. The one I have has suc h a strenght that it can damage the attached cable release or the shutter release mechanism. One has to b e carefull.

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    remote cable release or self-timer release?

    I bought a self timer on ebay for $7. it works great for this purpose.

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