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Thread: Good LuLu Photo Books

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    Good LuLu Photo Books

    Before I invest the time into creating a LuLu book myself, are there are particularly nice examples to purchase off their website? If I am going to buy a couple of sample books I might as well get good ones. Greyscale and color examples would be great to see.

    (Not just LuLu either - suggest other Print On Demand type services that do decent photo repro books.)

    Thanks for bringing up POD in the other thread -- I was following it years ago and sort of forgot about it. It sounds great and I am getting excited about doing some books soon.

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    Re: Good LuLu Photo Books

    There are several discussions of LuLu photo books on the Rangerfinder forum. Folks there have done a couple of books, and had some problems with inconsistancies in the printing. I mocked up a book for black and white photos and found them to be quite magenta.
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