My 5x7 Speeder is going back into action soon and I'm really excited about being able to use it again as it is the only LF camera I feel comfortable taking along on family outings because, well...its fast, especially when handheld. I'd like to get some fast film (I've never shot any 5x7 faster than FP-4+) and between J and C and Freestyle, there are four emulsions available that look like they might fill the bill. They are:

Kodak Tri-x Pro 320
Kodak TMAX 400
Ilford HP-5+
J and C 400

What are your thoughts on these films? I've used Kodak and Ilford before but not the J and C. I'm most interested in what 5x7 shooters and hand held shooters think. Ideally I'm looking for a film that does nicely in D-76 or Ansco 130. My handheld work is very simple---I don't concern myself with expansion or contraction: theres enough mental & physical gymnastics just loading the 5x7 film holders with one hand and winding the shutter curtain to overload my gray cells.

I plan on shooting handheld landscapes, some aerials, architecture, nocturnes(with a tripod) and outdoor portraits.