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Thread: Dry mount tissue for FB paper

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    Dry mount tissue for FB paper

    I was looking at Light Impressions to find a dry mount tissue to use for mounting and framing my FB prints. I have access to a dry mount press. Light impressins has 4 different types of dry mount tissues ranging in price. There is a colormount, a buffer, a heatTac, and a Clear Mount. Price doesn't matter to me, I'm looking for the best product, something with archival status and will hold a DW FB print. I'm mounting on 100% rag board. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Dry mount tissue for FB paper

    I'm currently using Fusion 4000. The bond is very very strong. It is not a tissue based adhesive.

    colourmount is for color prints and uses a lower temp than B+W can handle.

    What is archival? Acid free and the bond may last for 100 or 200 years but if you read what it says here about mountboard and how often it should be changed, then having an adhesive that lasts that long, is really quite futile.
    Its simple really. If you want truly archival, then you have to hang your print in an archival environment. Failing that, the ability to replace mount board which soaks up pollutants is the next best. That means NOT dry mounting. The only thing to recommend dry mounting is for the purpose of holding the print flat. If that is your primary concern, then dry mount. If you want archival, then you should use museum grade mountboard and replace it every 20 years or so, or in a hostile enviroment, more often. If you have dry mounted, changing mountboard is very very difficult.

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    Re: Dry mount tissue for FB paper

    The drymount market has gone through some turmoil in recent years with Seal being purchased by Bienfang. Prices have increased noticeably.

    I have been using dry mount tissue from Freestyle for many years to mount DW FB prints. It works very well, and is a bit less expensive than Bienfang. And the beauty of buying from Freestyle is that they only offer one type of dry mount tissue - so the only decision you have to make is what size to order.

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    Re: Dry mount tissue for FB paper

    A nice thing about the Bienfang buffermount (aside from being buffered) is that it's removable.

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