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Thread: drum scanning service in Italy

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    drum scanning service in Italy

    i am new at this forum and i hope to find some valid answers to my questions.

    But first i have to say sorry for my very uncorrect english, i am italian! hope you understand my questions...

    Did enybody know a professional scanning service in italy (if possible in the north) that scans 4x5inch diapositive to very large format such as minimum 2meters at 360dpi?

    I need the scans for an exhibition of large format prints. Its my artwork and its sponsored from a printer industry.

    I try to find out a serious partner for scanning the images in highest resolution so that i can work on it and prepare for printing.

    thanks and sorry again for my english!
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    Re: drum scanning service in Italy

    where are you located in Italy?

    Here in Milan drum scanning is becoming a "rare animal" since nobody want to do it anymore, but I think that Arscolor and New Reversal still have a drum scanner, maybe ...if you want contact me offline so that I can give you some informations about those labs...there's an italian website/forum devoted to fine art and with a lot of italian large format photographers ( where you can ask the same question too, maybe someone could help...

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    Re: drum scanning service in Italy

    Ciao Marco,
    maybe you speek italian if you are in Milan. Thats for me much more easy! I will contact you at your mail adress...
    thanks a lot for interesting!

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