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Thread: Possible coverage of Ekt. 127-affordable lenses

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    Possible coverage of Ekt. 127-affordable lenses

    Hello all, I have a couple of questions that I hope someone can help me with. I have a client who would like a shot of her newly finished house on 30 acres in the Blue Ridge, and I'd like to be able to give her a 16x20 with my Crown Graphic. The p roblem is, my only lens right now is the Ektar 127 f4.7, and I know it doesn't a llow much movement (I want to use a rise movement). Does anyone know if, by stop ping down, I would be able to get sufficient coverage to take the shot. And, if it's a little off, is it within reason to dodge and burn to correct it in the fi nal print? 2. I'd like to get another lens, somewhere in the 125mm range to use with 4x5 an d with my 6x9 back. Can anyone suggest an affordable lens with good sharpness an d the use of some movements?

    Thank you in advance


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    Possible coverage of Ekt. 127-affordable lenses

    Josh: You aren't going to get enough movement with the 127mm Ektar to get any rise to speak of with 4x5. You really need a plasmat type lens or one designed with wide coverage. A modern wide angle of about 90mm would be your best bet if you have to get close. A 135mm will give you a little better coverage if you have room. Why get another lens for the 6x7 back if you already have the 127? a 125 is only 2 mm and won't make a difference. You ought to get plenty of movement with the 127 on 6x7 format. The 127 Ektar is a good lens within its limitations for movements. Use care if selecting a used 90mm lens for 4x5. Some of the earlier ones did not allow much room for movement, depending on design. most of the later lenses do have good coverage. Hope this helps, Doug

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    Possible coverage of Ekt. 127-affordable lenses

    I just did some preliminary testing on an Ektar 127mm, and found that it has front-mount vignetting wider than f/16. This means there will be cutoff in the corners at infinity when using wider stops.

    This lens has no room for movements at infinity. I have not yet completed my film tests, but suspect this lens will also be soft in the corners, as they are at the extreme edge of the image circle. These old Tessars are reputed to lose sharpness rapidly away from center. Since this lens barely covers 4x5, if make sense that it will be soft in the corners.

    135mm Plasmat designs will just cover 4x5 at full aperture, plus allow movements when stopped down to f/22.

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    Possible coverage of Ekt. 127-affordable lenses

    Joshua, I usually have to qualify my responses as being newer to LF than some, but I might offer a couple of ideas. I had a 127 Ektar and it does indeed offer little room for coverage with movements on 4x5. But with a 6x9 back you should be much better off. You might also allow a little extra room where you expect to vignette and plan to crop that area out. Also, the lens is indeed soft at the corners, but for a gift or work that isn't super critical, it should be fine.

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