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Thread: Saguaro Tetraptych 26x34 pt/pd

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    Re: Saguaro Tetraptych 26x34 pt/pd

    Most of my metal frames are 5/16" -- just over 1/4". I don't consider either of those "thin". Someone probably makes a 1/8" frame -- maybe even thinner. That's what I'd call thin.

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    Re: Saguaro Tetraptych 26x34 pt/pd

    I don't use glass either, unless someone explicitly wants it.
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    Re: Saguaro Tetraptych 26x34 pt/pd

    I actually prefer glass...but only if a matted, mounted, glazed, and framed print is to be moved just once - directly from my worktable onto a wall. Prints that more typically get moved around more than once...from workroom to gallery and/or art fair (or wherever) and back...get glazed with (OP-3) plexiglass. And I never, ever ship prints glazed with glass! If I ship to someone who demands glass...I'll substitute a clean piece of foam core in place of glazing, and let the customer bring the work to a frame shop to switch it over.

    Edit: Plexiglass is far from it scratches easily and if plexiglass-glazed prints are moved around a lot in different environments, the plexiglass can appear to warp and bow outwards in response to the actual warping/bowing of certain types of foam core backing. This issue can be mitigated by either using the much more dimensionally stable Gatorboard in place of foam core, and/or by "sealing" the rear of the frame (typically a wood frame), with framing paper, making sure to seal the entire inside edge with ATG tape or similar.


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