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Thread: Packpack DIY frame-finishing question

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    Re: Packpack DIY frame-finishing question

    Esearing, thanks. The signal difference between ICUs and DIYs in this instance was price. I'm a miserable excuse for a builder, and you can just imagine how many nails bent or went in sideways, much to my exasperation -- though I should be used to this by now.

    The backpack for me is a convenience that I don't expect to need often, and not for any serious hiking. Otherwise a long-term investment would have to be considered.
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    Re: Packpack DIY frame-finishing question

    Conventional EVA foam padding adds a lot of redundant extra weight to a pack. It might be OK for little shoulder bags, but it is not only linty, but doesn't offer anything which can't be improvised with basic bubble packing and some fomecore board dividers at considerably less weight. I use Gatorboard for water resistance and extra strength; the perimeter can be a stronger plastic like a polyethylene wastebasket. There are all kinds of ways to do it. However, I do this in conjunction with seriously built external frame packs capable of hauling serious gear weights if needed.

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