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Thread: DIY photobook?

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    Re: DIY photobook?

    Quote Originally Posted by gnd2 View Post
    I guess what I'm missing is how to apply it specifically to darkroom prints.
    'Tipped in' is the phrase you're looking for. You paste the print down the edge nearest the book spine (and make sure your print paper's grain direction is correct) and stick it on. You can also guard/ hinge prints with suitable tissue to stub pages within a book structure.

    Quote Originally Posted by gnd2 View Post
    I'm doing B&W fiber and RC, RA-4 and carbon transfer prints.
    I've seen and handled books from the 1870s that used tipped-in carbon transfers, nothing new about this as a way to show photographs - in point of fact, quite a lot of higher end publications used (still use, if we're talking fine press publications) letterpress for the text, and tipped in gravures or offset or collotype reproductions (e.g. Stieglitz's Camera Work used tipped in gravures on very thin Japanese papers) up until offset becomes really dominant (and competent enough for printing both images and text for the mass market) from the 1960s onwards and the whole production is done without tip ins.

    There's a few Eggleston books that were originally published in tiny editions by Caldecot Chubb using chromogenic prints that have been republished by Steidl using offset prints tipped-in on mould-made cotton rag papers. It is not enormously difficult to make something similar in execution, and is often easier and cheaper than running a one-off of high quality on a digital press.

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    Re: DIY photobook?

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