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Thread: Scovill Printing Frame format?

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    Scovill Printing Frame format?

    (also posted on another forum)

    I bought this from a gentleman from an online forum for a very reasonable price. He thought it was a whole plate contact printing frame, but it is clearly not.

    Happy with the purchase no matter what, but I am trying to determine what exact format this frame might be.

    Marked "Scovill MFG. Co. NY" and "PAT APL'D FOR" under the time/exposure dial on the back; otherwise no other markings.

    The front glass aperture measures 4 1/2 inches by 7 5/8 inches, but the back is 5 x 8.

    I could not find an exact match on this site:

    Plate sizes - - The free camera encyclopedia

    On the "Wooden Field View Cameras of the United States: An Identification Guide" site, I found a "76" camera style that seems to match, even to the maker's stamp.

    Scovill Mfg. Co. The 76 Camera Variation 3.0 (Scovill Version)

    Is this a proprietary format unique to Scovill/American Optical Cameras or was it more Universal?
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    Re: Scovill Printing Frame format?

    Contact frames are usually bigger than the Plate/film size to accomodate the paper. Especially back then when they were using older processes like Salt printing / Carbon where a border, non-coated part of the paper is important.

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