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Thread: how to sell a 5x7?

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    how to sell a 5x7?


    I'm downsizing to 4x5 from a B&J 5x7. My aching, aging back wants to sell the B& J, with its 210mm Ilex Focutar lens and assorted stuff. The question: What's the best way to do this? Classified/private sale in Shutterbug? Or sell it to a dea ler and take what it offers? I'm looking to use whatever money I get to buy a 90 mm wide-angle for my 4x5, so a trade is also an acceptable possibility. I think I'm looking for speed rather than best price.

    So, colleagues, what would you advise?


    Denny Wilkins

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    how to sell a 5x7?

    Another option (that I am required by my job to mention) can help with your desi re to part with your B&J 5x7. It won't yield the same hard currency as a sale o r swap, but can be greatly beneficial to you in the right circumstances. I am su ggesting the option of donating your camera to a nonprofit organization. You can claim a tax deduction for the full fair market value of your camera, without th e cutout for dealer commissions or profits.

    I am the director of Picture Tomorrow, a nonprofit organization that promotes th e use of photography to further social and environmental issues. We have a came ra donation program that takes in used cameras. We have a camera repair technici an and a violin maker (who does wood restoration on field cameras) that donate t ime to get cameras in prime shape, then one of three things will happen to a don ated camera.

    1. We use the camera for our projects. For example, we are preparing a Human Rig hts project that will involve over two dozen photographers from developing count ries worldwide, and we will need to provide equipment some of them.

    2. We will use cameras in a new education project, teaching photography to "at r isk" teenagers. We are looking for a mix of large format and 35mm cameras for th is project.

    3. Any cameras that we cannot use directly, we resell to fund our work.

    I know this is not a viable option for many people, but it never hurts to tell p eople what we are doing. If you are interested, or would like more information, please contact me.

    Thanks Mark Wilson, Director Picture Tomorrow

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    how to sell a 5x7?

    I would look at the EBay online auction site, at: especially if you're looking to unload it fast.


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