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Thread: 11x14 Lens Options?

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    Re: 11x14 Lens Options?

    Quote Originally Posted by FrancisF View Post
    Greg - could you provide a link to see the 20x24's in your museum?
    Here is one of the photographs. I will get and post better images in the future
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    Re: 11x14 Lens Options?

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Kadillak View Post
    I have shot with my 240mm Computar on 11x14 recently and was surprised that I clipped the corners. Need to check it in more detail. I can't believe that the mounting in a Copal 3S shutter has any adverse effect to its coverage per se, so it could be: 1) I did not properly center the front lens board on the camera (ie had a bit of a rise the may be been exacerbated with a forward tilt) or 2) my UV filter on the lens could have restricted the coverage a bit? Thinking #1 is more likely. Will give it another go and see what happens.
    Hi Michael, given even the Computar 210mm can fully cover(or as the fashioned word here, illuminate) 11x14 dead centered straight on, so in theory corner clipping should not have happened with the 240. But crazier things have happened in this world :P Hope you get to sort it out.

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