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Thread: Paper curves and contrast, an observation

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    Paper curves and contrast, an observation

    This will interest only a few: notes on a new and very brief comparison of Ilford WTF and Fomatone.

    WTF is my first paper, Fomatone, which is also warm-tone, my second. Once in the past, perhaps a couple of years ago, I made some posts about Fomatone and will not repeat them here.

    Comparison of new batches of each revealed the following. At Gr. 1 1/2, using an LED head set to yield a calibrated Gr. 2 either with or without Ilford filter, the Foma surprised me this time, being noticeably punchier than the Ilford; I'd say about a half-grade.

    At the same time, with a #5 filter in the light path, the Ilford is a grade harder than the Foma. This is better than my earlier tests, which put the Foma at no greater than 3 1/2 with the #5. Some of you seem to get the full Gr. 5, and I will not go back through all my tests for safelight fog, etc., carried out then in response to suggestions.

    I will continue to use Fomatone as a second paper, just not when I need max contrast, which is rare anyway. The two papers have very different color and somewhat different curve shapes; they develop differently, the Foma more appreciably darkening between two and three minutes of development (3 is my standard; 2 for Ilford); and the Foma, even at 1:80 Selenium, tones very quickly while the Ilford takes its time. The toned Foma color is again quite different from the Ilford and also accepts toning more readily in the higher values, yielding less of Ilford's split-toning effect.
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    Re: Paper curves and contrast, an observation

    alot of companies have been silently upgrading their papers. its causing problems for everyone

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