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Thread: My web site is again live

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    Re: My web site is again live

    Hope your web site brings you more business.

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    Re: My web site is again live

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Noel View Post
    It's wonderful to know your healed and back at it. I enjoyed our many conversations, but sadly it's now time for me to say goodbye. The darkroom is closed and I'm in the process of selling all of my ULF cameras, etc. Age has finally taken over after 94 years.
    Good luck to you, and good health.
    Hi Jim

    Thank you for your very kind comments and there will be many of us who will miss your voice on this forum. My best wishes for your health as you wind down involvement with photography, which has given you much pleasure in life. Adios, amigo!

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    Re: My web site is again live

    This is the best news I've heard in a while...
    So glad that you're back and active once more.
    I've learned so much from your articles over the years, esp those in VIEW CAMERA.
    Keep up the good work.

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