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Thread: AMBROTOS KANATA Thanks Everyone

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    AMBROTOS KANATA Thanks Everyone

    Hey everyone, I am back after many years away.

    I wanted to give you all an update on my mammoth wet plate collodion Canada project AMBROTOS KANATA. Back in around 2017 I started to ask questions here about what type of lens I needed to cover 35x35 inch plates. Many of you were quite helpful, some were Debbie downers who said it could not be done, why try but for the most part I got lots of early help here and wanted to thank you all again. So now it is 2023 and the project progresses. I have gotten lots of project related gear and have improved in the wet plate collodion ambrotype process. I now feel comfortable making 8x10 ambrotypes, I continue to learn the process daily. I have gone from 4x5 tin types, to 4x5 ambrotypes, then 8x10 ambrotypes (the last 2 years). I am now starting to make 12x20, 16x20 and 20x24 inch Ambrotypes, with the goal of going up in format to 35x35 inch plates within 3 years. Some of the gear that I purchased with your helpful suggestions include a 1780mm Nikkor lens, a 180cm vintage Carl Zeiss Jena Apochromat Tessar 15/lens, a 35x35 view camera, a 20x24 view camera and a 16x20 view camera, holders, tripods, stands etc. For the project I also purchased an old class C motorhome with a diesel engine (pulling power) and a 7x14 twin axle cargo trailer that I have converted to a nice wet plate darkroom with sink, exhaust fan, multiple types of power, shelving, storage etc. I have started to drive the trailer around the province I live in, making ambrotypes then staying overnight in the RV, after a good meal and shower. The idea being that I can use the units to make ambrotypes across the country over many months of travel and picture making. With the help of you all and many others I am working on a system that will allow me to make the ambrotypes to completion, including, washing, drying, varnishing and storage in the field. Water supply and chemistry remain issues, but I am working on systems to allow for creative work in the far-off regions of the country. Just wanted to thank you all for your initial help, things are progressing nicely, and the plates are getting better and better. You can track this 15 plus year project on the linked blog, I will also be producing a YouTube channel about the project. Thanks everyone, Gerry

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    Re: AMBROTOS KANATA Thanks Everyone

    Nice work, very impressive set up.


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