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Thread: Low cost new desktop

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    Re: Low cost new desktop

    Yeah, LTO tape drives aren't cheap by any means. The problem with using SSD's or HDD's is that the controller is always scanning the media and repairing dropped bits by use of error correction codes written onto the media and when you store the media on the shelf you lose this capability. One installation I'm familiar with ran 3 backup sites and could cross copy lost data as needed. They were seeing a few bit drops a week that required data repair. The error correction codes used on LTO etc. are much stronger and the algorithms are also more sophisticated IIRC.

    Can't emphasize enough the need to keep your media cool. Not refrigerated or frozen though) Not sure if the technology has actually been deployed since it's (quite) a "few" years since I was involved, but they were discussing a technology referred to as HAMR for Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording. As the density increases and the size of the magnetized "spots" gets smaller, the power available to force the magnetic domains to "flip" decreases, so they were looking at using a laser to heat the region just before the write head did it's thing, thus reducing the write power requirements. And if the media gets warm enough there will be bit drops - or worse as some of the magnetized regions revert to their prior unwritten state.

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    Re: Low cost new desktop

    Quote Originally Posted by linhofbiker View Post
    Some people think I have the wrong idea, like for instance I am prepared to spend $60k on the best hurricane windows for my house. Why they say, that is why you have insurance. But say I if my house and contents are destroyed I loose all my memories which can't be replaced with insurance money, so I will take the best defense available to ensure my memories are not lost. Maybe this attitude is only good for us 79 year olds.
    Update: the $60K was a quote from Anderson Renewal, but I decided to go for the $38K price given by NewSouth Window Solutions for my 17 windows. The windows will be installed in Oct/Nov 2023 timeframe. Hopefully this will before a bad hurricane hits my part of Florida.

    This week I went to the local Historical Society and they were glad to receive, as a donation, a collection of about 50 years worth of architectural images taken on 4x5 E6 and C41 and on 120, and a few prints from negative I was unable to locate. There was a total of about 5-600 images. These memories will still be available to me to copy and/or reproduce for my own use.

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    Re: Low cost new desktop

    I trust no one to save my images, prints

    and my huge cameras

    winter is coming

    duck and cover does not work
    Tin Can

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    Re: Low cost new desktop

    I honestly believe that Ipad is becoming the new go to system for photo editing. They have some impressive capabilities if you get the modern ones with M1 chips,, and if you get the version with an M2 chip, you basically have an apple laptop at a lower cost.

    And Affinity seems to be the new program to go to.. it seems to work so far. It can actually convert to multiple file formats.. but i have no idea as to why a 5600 x 3728 nikon NEF file at 28 MB becomes a 5600 x 3728 PNG at 101 MB size

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