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Thread: Drum scanning 8x10

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    Drum scanning 8x10

    So Intook to scanning some slide film of a friend who took his life last year. O thought no big deal, I do 4x5 no problem. Well, I was wrong. The film is much larger obviously but its stiffness is way higher. It likes being on drum only one way and therebis liytle room for error in placing the film. Took me forever to figure out and get scanned.

    And thrn I didnít have drum seated properly on first pass. That noise is terrible to hear. Then the software started acting ip couldnít save the cms profiles I created and occassywould wuit scanning half way thru.

    Oh the joys.

    Howtek HiRes8000 and ver 7 dpl software.

    Think Inwill upgrade to latest here soon.

    I have probably close to 300 4x5 to develop and scan of mybown film. What fun awaits.

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    Re: Drum scanning 8x10


    So sad to hear of your friend

    May he or she rest in peace

    I know too many

    There are many ways to enjoy our hobby

    Soon I will show my new/old wheelbarrow camera restoration

    We are with you

    Tin Can

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