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Thread: Zone VI Cold Light

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    Re: Zone VI Cold Light

    Kyle, regarding the paper you have, Ilford Warmtone is a VC paper. AS for whether your other paper is "VC or multigrade," I assume you meant graded instead of multigrade -- multigrade and variable contrast are the same thing. In any case, that stack of paper should keep you busy for a while.

    If you find that any of it refuses to yield a good white, only a slight gray tone, and if you have already tested your safelights to make sure they are not fooging your paper, you may need to get a bit of Photographers' Formulary Benzatriazole; B&H sells it also. This is a restrainer; a small amount in your paper developer may clean up aging paper whites. (Note: Ilford Warmtone has a very slight warm tone in the emulsion base as compared to neutral papers. This is not fogging.)

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    Re: Zone VI Cold Light

    I haven't had a chance to get back here yet. So far I've used the cold light with some Ilford FB paper of an unknown age that I was given 250 8x10 sheets of. Some Ilford FB Warmtone, and Arista EDU Ultra RC paper. I've had great results with all three so far.

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    Re: Zone VI Cold Light

    I have one and love it. I have the Zone VI compensating timer and get very predictable results.

    I fabricated a filter drawer when I installed this in my Omega D2 that goes below the lamp housing. I use Roscoe Cinegels for variable contrast.


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