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Thread: Omega Dll manual?

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    Re: Omega Dll manual?

    I know what you mean, original factory literature made by the people who made the device seems to be a good idea.
    Hope it arrives in good order!

    Even if in the end it doesn't help much (sometimes enlargers aren't too complicated ) it's fun to look at 1940s ephemera, I have the manual to my grandmother's Whirlpool range from around the same era as your DII ... lots of home maker illustrations, smiles, cookies and pleated skirts, TBH I thought by the end of it Robert Young or John Foresythe was gonna appear smoking a pipe.. seeing "commercial photography is men's work" maybe Robert and John appear in the Omega Literature!
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    Re: Omega Dll manual?

    Yes, I’m going to have to order thanks. Just started unpacking some of the gear with this, any Click image for larger version. 

Name:	0EAF2A35-0D51-46CC-B18C-2A29C6D82FCD.jpg 
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ID:	239229idea what these negative holders are to? The ones with the little tail on them

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    Re: Omega Dll manual?

    Those negative carriers might well be from a smaller Omega enlarger. (As you'll see from the KHB site, Omega made many different sizes of machines.) Those won't work on your D-II. And certainly the instruction manual is a good thing to have; I don't have one, but when I bought my D-II, I'd been using various Omega enlargers on the job for a decade or so. And 30+ years later, I know that enlarger fairly well.

    If you're still looking for instruction manuals on making prints, it should be easy to find one of the Ansel Adams series. The best edition to get would be the latest one, written with John Schaefer; the early 1980s editions are similarly good; the earlier editions are not exactly current any more, but still contain a wealth of knowledge. I'm sure other members will add their favorites.

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    Re: Omega Dll manual?

    Those smaller carries look like they might be for an Omega Super B. I have one and the 6x6 one looks just like that. I have yet to see another one in the wild!

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