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Thread: Lake Powell Today

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    Lake Powell Today

    I only saw Lake Powell when it first filled, circa 1982

    I got a free ride on a Houseboat

    The water was clear to bottom and many fish

    They tied up in nowhere for a couple nights

    My lady and I didn't sleep in the crappy 'boat', way too many flies

    But climb up 20 feet and no flies!

    We slept on top of sleeping bags, watching stars

    I miss the lady named Sunshine who laughed backwards, so I told her a lot of jokes

    The drive up the back way was also very interesting, do not stop and don't drive down it

    She lived in Phoenix and the swamp coolers still worked well
    Tin Can

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    Re: Lake Powell Today

    I live there. The changes are interesting.

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    Re: Lake Powell Today

    My now-ex and two kids (then ten and twelve yrs) did a five week SW road trip back in 1998, which included four days in a ski boat (with camping gear) exploring Lake Powell. Figured 150 horses in a 17 foot boat would let us see lots more of the lake than would a behemoth houseboat. Had a great time with plenty of water in the lake. Plus a three hour side trip into lower Antelope Canyon - great time with just a few other folks present besides our family.

    Fast forward to May of 2012 - half of the area between the Lake Powell marina (southern end closest to the dam) and the opposite shore now exposed and supporting a growth of tamarisks...and this was eleven years ago. Once again did a side trip to lower Antelope Canyon only this time it was wall to wall mayhem.

    Fast forward to today? I think I'll pass...thank you!

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