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Thread: Need Grafmatic Help

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    Need Grafmatic Help

    I bought a "like new" 2x3 one off the auction site. It does, in fact, appear to be barely used. But somebody put the septums in backwards, so the film would face the photographer, not the scene.

    The top one came out. The other 5 are really stuck. There is a metal tab in the back of the carriage, and normally that doesn't interfere with anything since it lines up with the half moon cut outs on the septums. Installed like this, however, it holds them tight and of course I don't want to pry and bend them.

    Any ideas? Top and bottom sides of the Grafmatic each have three screws, two larger ones and one small one. Do the small ones serve as stops of keep the carriage from sliding out too far? If so I could take those out and have more clearance.


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    Re: Need Grafmatic Help

    No idea if the 2x3 Grafmatics are the same as 4x5, albeit smaller but I'd recommend taking it apart to gently remove the stuck septums. Taking these things apart and putting back together is not difficult, but I would recommend reviewing a repair document first. Hopefully, your septums aren't bent. If you can't find a 2x3 service manual, give me your email and I'll send along a 4x5 manual.

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    Re: Need Grafmatic Help

    This link may help you. Towards the end of the document is a schematic of how to assemble/disassemble the Grafmatic.

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    Re: Need Grafmatic Help

    Another thing to check now if the red dot indicator (a sheet is ready/advanced) is now covered up... This means the internal chamber tab was pushed in before inserting the septums, but if it wasn't, the bottom septum will be dented by this internal tab/slide making septum removal difficult (even dissembled) and possibly bent septum...

    Good luck!!!

    Steve K


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