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Thread: Advice on stock photography workshops/books/etc?

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    Advice on stock photography workshops/books/etc?

    Does anyone have any first hand advice on good seminar's/books/workshops/etc. on how to get started in the stock photography business? There are many sources out there but I have no way to tell which are good or not.

    Any help much apprecited,

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    Advice on stock photography workshops/books/etc?

    Paul, a good source for stock photography news and links is

    Quite frankly, I haven't found any book that's worth the cover price. They generally are rudimentary and not very usefull. Besides, many of them are so far out of date that they are worthless. The days of being able to sell your "outtakes" from a commercial job are long gone.

    The best way to get an idea of what sells is to check the web sites of the agnecies. Organizations like Stock Artists Alliance also are a good place to start.

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    Advice on stock photography workshops/books/etc?

    Dan Heller's writing is reasonnably current, and he does make some points that are generally ignored by photographers organizations. At least it can be read for free at:

    If the current trend continues, producing under cover of a commercial job might actually be again the most profitable/safe method.

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