I'm looking for help in making a purchase decision. I know that the final decision will be based on my own needs / wants but just after general advice re the above cameras.

I have narrowed down to 3 cameras, Wista 45VX, Linhof Super Technika V or Linhof Master Technika. The Wista is described as in excellent condition and looks to have very little use.
The Master Technika is described as immaculate and this looks virtually unused. The Super Technika looks in excellent condition for age and has had new Linhof bellows fitted recently and comes with a 6x7 roll film
back, 3 rangefinder cams, original presentation case and a cold shoe mounted viewfinder (75mm to 360mm).

The Wista is obviously the cheapest by a fair margin but I'm being drawn to the Master Technika because it looks immaculate and is described by the seller as having no corrosion, all movements are buttery smooth. Bellows are light tight and the plastic gearing track for rise and fall is unmarked with no missing teeth. I'm awaiting a serial no. so that I can try and find out its age. There are no rangefinder cams, however!

I understand that Wista parts are hard to come by and Linhof increasingly so, but what are the main things that might need replacing on Linhofs aside from the bellows?

If money were no object, which camera would you buy and why?