Some updates:

We are partnered with Bostick & Sullivan, who will be supplying all the materials used in the various demos and workshops.

We are also partnered with Glen Echo Photoworks, who will be our sister host next year, with an exhibition opportunity in the spring for participants - this is your chance to show your work at the nation's Arts Park in the Washington DC suburbs!

We have an additional presenter, Mary W. Quin, who will be demonstrating and discussing her alternative process lensless work.

The current lineup of events and speakers stands as follows:

Matthew Magruder and Craig Alan Huber will be discussing different aspects of book arts - Matthew will be approaching it from the perspective of the handmade craft book; taking your work from flat pieces of paper that sit in a drawer or hang on a wall and envisioning them as a three-dimensional interactive art object. Craig will be discussing photography books from the perspective of publishing the fine art book - from conceptualizing to determining the format to finding a publisher and getting distribution.

Takashi Arai and Patricia Banda will be giving a talk on working with daguerreotypes in the modern world. Both are internationally recognized daguerreotypists - Takashi began his daguerrian journey doing a series about nuclear energy and the effects of nuclear weapons in Japan. He also did a portrait series in his home town using daguerreotypes as there are really no historical daguerreotypes in Japan - Japan did not open itself to European commerce and technology until the very end of the Daguerrian era. Patricia documents her home of modern-day Mexico City and the changing urban landscape.

Carlos Vertanessian will be discussing the arrival of photography in Latin America. He is a recognized historian and published author of several volumes on the history of early photography in Argentina.

Julio Galindo will be giving the opening night keynote as part of a career retrospective and lifetime achievement honor at the Museo Archivo de la Fotografia. Julio has been working in alternative processes since the 1970s, and lived in San Francisco in the late 70s/early 80s, getting to know the f/64 school artists like Ansel Adams and the Westons.

Mark and France Osterman will be presenting the closing night keynote, also at the Museo Archivo de la Fotografia, talking about spirit photography in the 19th century. France will discuss the reasons for the practice and Mark will discuss the how-to aspect.

We will also have multiple shooting opportunities. There will be guided photo walks through the Centro Historico: early morning, mid-afternoon, and a special night-time photo walk. In keeping with the events of the weekend immediately following (the 28th-29th are the Day of the Dead weekend), there will also be a Day of the Dead themed environmental portrait photo shoot. We have a fantastic location selected for the shoot, and if the weather is not cooperative, we will be able to pivot to shoot indoors in the conference anchor space.

There will also be a docent-led group tour of the current exhibits at Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City's premier public photography exhibition space.

For more information or to register, please go to our website, .