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You might consider downsizing to smaller formats. I'm getting older (78) and find it harder to carry stuff, much beyond my car. In any case, I shot a roll of 35mm Tmax 400 after my triple bypass three years ago. The first 35mm in decades. It was a lot of fun. I scanned it at home and made a little video slideshow. There's a lot to be said for smaller and processing digitally so you can sit more.
I have a MF digital Mamiya 645 AFD and two digital backs. I was using one (Phase 1 P45+) on a Linhof M679 before I fell out of my van and set off an "unfortunate" chain of events. I have a couple of Nikon F's that I bought new around 1962and a really nice little Contax with a Planar 50mm on it. And a Rollei 35 that I'm "dusting off" to play with again. Haven't used it since a 1968 trip to Newfoundland in a brand new Porsche 911 that cost me $7800. If I'd kept the car instead of the camera I could probably retire (again) quite comfortably.