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Thread: Big Year Birding Hobby to Biz

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    Re: Big Year Birding Hobby to Biz

    I've run into two pairs (married couples) of bird photo pros this past month. Just yesterday, a retired one, now 82, along with his wife, and last month, a couple in action with an expensive looking huge tele setup, who just returned from a 2-year wildlife documentary project in Patagonia. Interesting people. But the most fun incident was a few days ago when a PBS segment was airing about a local birdwatching club, and the bird species they were viewing along the Bay. I was sitting there on the couch, with the kitten on my lap. I watch wildlife documentaries all the time - wolves, hippos, bighorn sheep, whatever, and the cats ignore it all. But just as soon as that birdwatcher segment popped up, the kitten suddenly jumped up alert, and ran over to the screen and started swatting at it, and leaping up, trying to catch those birds. Good thing they weren't the real deal, because some of them which looked small enough on the screen were actually big, like red-tailed hawks, who turn kittens into meals, rather than the other way around.

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