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Thread: Red Dot Artar 14" f9 at Infinity?

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    Re: Red Dot Artar 14" f9 at Infinity?

    I’ve owned several RDA’s including a 12”, 14”, 16.5” and 19”. I owned and used them in studio and in the field for several decades. Currently I only own a 14” that was factory mounted in an Ilex shutter. RDA’s we’re specifically designed as a process lens for high resolution flat field copy work and color separations on a process camera but they perform quite well at infinity. About fifteen years ago I owned a Schneider 14” Gold Dot Dagor and did a comparison on 8x10. I was unable to see any difference with shots made in the field and the RD covered with plenty of movements stopped down. I wound up selling the Dagor and still have the RD that I have had since the 70’s. They are excellent all round lenses.

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    Re: Red Dot Artar 14" f9 at Infinity?

    I'm encouraged by your experience that your RDA 14" covers 8x10 well stopped down. (I'll see if that's the case with mine, given that it's mounted in a Comper 2 shutter.)

    But based on what we've learned in the thread, maybe not quite a "process" lens. I think of a process lens as being optimized for 1:1, whereas this lens is optimized for 1:8. I found the following on the BHPhotoVideo site . . .

    "Red Dot Artars in shutters are optimised for medium distance rather than 1:1 and should be just fine at infinity."

    This is consistent with what we've learned above, given the 1:8 magnification.

    This is exactly the lens that I need. I want to be able to use it for infinity; yet, I also want to photograph a violin at a medium distance.

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    Re: Red Dot Artar 14" f9 at Infinity?

    Gold Dot Dagors were intended for general photography, and aren't great either very close up or at severe tangential tilts; G-Clarons are way better at that kind of thing, and have a significantly larger image circle too. Goerz had a process version called a Blue Dot Trigor. I've owned several 14 inch Dagors. What Dagors offer is only four air/glass interfaces, so highest contrast of any lens formula available, with superb microtonality, especially the last of the series - the multicoated Kern. It proved just too contrasty for me, so I reverted to the single-coated Kern. Artars are 4-element airspaced dialyte design, so with 8 air/glass interfaces. Not much difference if well stopped down and efficiently shaded, unless the character of out of focus background and subtle nuances of edge rendering come into the conversation.

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