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Thread: Epson Cartridge Settlement

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    Epson Cartridge Settlement

    Interesting notice about Epson ink cartridge settlement posted here:
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    Epson Cartridge Settlement

    I received my notice with an "E-Store code" for $45 last week. I did not file anything, but since I registered a qualified printer that I purchased last summer I was automatically added to the claims list.

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    Epson Cartridge Settlement

    Got mine last week too for $45 store credit (free ink).

    My C86 is 16 months old.

    The real question is why do these things tell you they are out of ink when they are not which is the point of the class action suit. I can see a warning when you may not be able to finish a print.

    My printer sees very little use. I bought it to make proofs.

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    Epson Cartridge Settlement

    I got the notification last week, too. I'm tempted to reject the settlement offer and see where it goes from there. From what I read in the mailing, the case isn't over yet.

    I have wasted much more ink from head cleanings after the cartridges dry out from the printer (R800) sitting on the shelf unused than I have from the not-empty scam.

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    Epson Cartridge Settlement

    Great settlement . . . for Epson and the lawyers that is. The only way a consumer can benefit from the settlement is to buy more Epson products. In effect Epson is giving a small discount and/or rebate, something they often do without any law suit, to the "injured parties." So Epson pays nothing out of pocket to the people who were harmed and the lawyers earn millions in fees. Such a deal.
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