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Thread: Old post etiquette?

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    Old post etiquette?

    I often research topics of interest on the forum and find posts that are very helpful. Sometimes they are quite old.

    If you have a new question that's related to an Old Post what is the etiquette for asking this question? Revive the old thread? Start new? Maybe it depends on the topic?

    For instance, I am adding a ISO400 speed film to my repertoire (been using Delta 100 for 20 yrs, that sounds weird to write). I found tons of great info, but also have some questions or maybe just a need to chat with someone about it.

    Will Wilson

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    Re: Old post etiquette?

    It's perfectly fine to bring an old thread to life if you have additional questions about the topic, either in general or with respect to specific points raised in the thread.

    This is an appropriate question for Feedback, so I'm going to move it there.

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