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Thread: Crowley Lake Columns

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    Re: Crowley Lake Columns

    Speaking of interesting lakes and their peculiar features...there are some really interesting carbonate formations on the east shore of Pyramid Lake (northeast of Reno), which will sometimes bubble and fizz quite spectacularly when peed upon! Here they are (before I peed on them!):
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sorry, no "after" photo

    (oh, - 4x5 L-45A/210mm/FP4/PMK, I think...)

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    Re: Crowley Lake Columns

    The most ancient rock etchings in the W. Hemisphere are beside Pyramid lake, but off limits to the public. About 12,000 yrs old. Carbonates are something that can be dated. They're entirely repetitive symbolic patterns highly resembling fish scales, and I might or might not have a clue what they represent.

    Nice shot, John.

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