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Thread: Balloon Photography

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    Re: Balloon Photography

    I once knew someone who acquired a 4x5 Aero Technika with I think a 250mm Sonnar for very, very little money when digital was replacing film. He would "hitch" rides in hot air balloons and shoot local scenes. He told me that he much preferred shooting from a hot air ballon verses from a plane or helicopter because he was never rushed to get a shot and loose 4x5 film holders in the basket of a hot air ballon were no problem to the pilot verses being a being a problem for the pilot of a helicopter.

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    Re: Balloon Photography

    Gosh, Willie, I am so glad my own visits to Deadhorse Point were made back before it became a theme park with DIY balloon rides. Wonder what would have happened if he tried that last week? An F16 might have speed by and popped his balloon.

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    Re: Balloon Photography

    Quote Originally Posted by ic-racer View Post
    I believe so...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duolab123 View Post
    Amazing photos
    Not quite as nice as this one from a U-2.
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