So I have known that I need lights to do any serious indoor (studio) photography but lights are expensive so I was avoiding a purchase.

Now today I looked in a thrift store and found an Amaran 200x new in sealed box for $99.97. It goes for $307 on B&H and also on Apurtur's web site so I feel I got a suitably good deal.

My local photo shop has a Promaster soft box kit on clearance so I'm thinking of adding that.

Any way, it's a dual color light so the color temperature can be adjusted and it's power is 200 watts which is probably enough for a main light in a small studio.

It also can be controlled with the Sidus Link app so that makes me think I should consider compatible lights for accent and fill lights.

So now for the question:

How should I build out a budget studio lighting setup based around my Amaran 200x? I'll probably get some reflectors to bounce light around but I think 1-2 lights for accent and fill would make lighting setups easier to arrange. I don't want to torture a model while I'm playing with reflectors...

I plan on doing black and white photography with my Sinar F but have a set of colored filters to play with.