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Thread: Focusing loupe - which one do you recommend

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    Re: Focusing loupe - which one do you recommend

    I like Doremus approach (post No.6) and Bernice insights with provided link post No.5).
    I was using various cheap loupes from x1.5 to x10 and to my understanding they do their job, but once I was lucky to acquire Schneider Aspheric x6, with price tag within two digits, cosmetical blemishes but very clean glass.
    I highly reccomend it. It very bright, decision making where is the focus became an easy task even with older uncoated uncorrected lenses when CA, SA or coma is present. And there is a lot of periphery to look around focused point, its kind of wide angle.
    This loupe is on the heavy side and skirt is quite big, otherwise outstanding tool.

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    Re: Focusing loupe - which one do you recommend

    Well I got my Horseman x6 today. Despite the condition being called 'very good' , it's actually immaculate, as I thought from the pictures.
    It's very good value actually, because it's beautifully made and quite LARGE. It doesn't look ideal for the small Horseman VH screen to be honest, and it's nearly as heavy as an extra taking lens.... however I'll give it a good try-out.

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    Re: Focusing loupe - which one do you recommend

    Horseman 6X long loupe is big and heavy. The optics are very good. They extend the length of a viewing hood. I put mine in an old sock to keep it from getting beat up - I will find a case for it eventually - there are so many throw away things now.

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