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Thread: Sinar reflex binoculars build

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    Sinar reflex binoculars build


    I got a problem with this accessory - the bolt on the right side of the frame holding mirror is broken. Either I will be able to glue it (can be tricky, as there is really small surface between glued element), or I will 3D print this frame. Anyway I do not fully know how the whole thing is assembled. I've got one spring attaching the loupe to the switch - this one is in place. Now, there is another spring and the string. The string goes around a shaft near the loupe assembly and then goes to the bottom but I have no clue how I should connect it. Anybody has a drawing or a photo showing that?



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    Re: Sinar reflex binoculars build

    no but I have one, not for sale

    they are not great for all users

    and need Diopters to fit user
    Tin Can


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