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Thread: Caps

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    Re: Caps

    Quote Originally Posted by Duolab123 View Post
    85mm is same size that the Fujifilm GW690III uses. KEH cameras probably have one that says Fujinon on it
    I had checked KEH, but they didn’t have any Fuji, although they did have a Schneider. The eBay number I posted previously is for a Fuji, just checked and it’s still there with a reasonable price and shipping.


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    Re: Caps

    Depending on the lens, I’ve made very good caps from plumbing PVC pipe caps with a little felt lining inside.

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    Re: Caps

    S.K. Grimes (Woonsocket, R.I.) makes really nice custom lens caps out of either a tough plastic or metal.

    This also gives me another chance to gripe about the flimsiness of some of the factory caps supplied with LF lenses - which often, with a bit of mild finger pressure to their middles...will actually make contact with a front or rear lens element! No excuse for this!

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    Re: Caps

    if you have access to a 3d printer, i came up with this for all the oddball lenses i adapted to my speed graphic.

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