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Thread: Lubricating DeVere Dichrom MKV head

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    Lubricating DeVere Dichrom MKV head

    Hi all,

    Me again. So I have realised my 504 MKV has a slight issue. The filters, especially the yellow one does not activate the diachronic slide fast enough. Sometimes it sticks half way through. What I mean is, when you set it to 0 the filter is not in front of the lamp, but when you set to 195 it should be. What Iíve realised is, time to time it just stuck in the middle. Springs are ok and as soon as you touch the slide, it jumps to the position it should be. So I assume a little bit grease is required on those yellow brass looking rails. What do you guys recommend? WD40? And how to open the Dichrom head? Anybody has experience?

    I have purchased it last April from John at Odeyse directly and last resort would be calling him but Iím afraid he will charge.


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    Re: Lubricating DeVere Dichrom MKV head

    Do NOT use WD40. It is not a good lubricant. It will end up sticky and worse than you already have.

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    Re: Lubricating DeVere Dichrom MKV head

    Hello Fatih,

    This is a common problem with the Devere heads, I wouldn't have suspected it on a new MKV but I guess it could happen. If my memory serves me well;

    Set all filters to 0. Remove the six black screws on the front panel. The front panel will now come off however still attached is the filter backlight switch. Remove the bulb connection and unscrew the bulb holder. You should now be able to access the filter assembly comfortably.

    You can now put a few drops of your preferred machine oil and you should be fine. WD40 is great for what it is, getting rusty things moving again, it is not really a long term lubricant. Check how much slack the metal panels that hold the filters have in the vertical directions. It may just be a bit tight as well.



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