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Thread: Is focus a plane to plane affair?

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    Re: Is focus a plane to plane affair?

    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Klein View Post
    I wonder if Leica may reduce lens quality and correct lens aberrations in their software rather than producing better lenses as in the past.
    Certainly true of Leica lenses which can 'talk' to the camera, but not so much for M lenses which can only relay their focal length.

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    Re: Is focus a plane to plane affair?

    Unlike our malleable curved retina, film is flat. That fact is not lost on optical designers, and in fact, controllable curvature surfaces do exist, especially in very sophisticated astronomical mirrors. But that kind of thing is way way beyond ordinary photographic budgets and realistic bulk and weight requirements. So the necessary correction has to be made to the lens itself, as best as possible given the likely photographic application.

    It must have been fun to be an actual optical engineer like Jason. I once worked with a man who engineered the optics for the Pioneer satellite program, and now his son works for NASA in his stead. But I'm too stupid at physics for much of anything except a torque wrench; and torquing lenses themselves just results in shattered glass, so I don't carry one around.

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    Re: Is focus a plane to plane affair?

    I’m not dead yet, Drew. And I still design optics. This time as head of the engineering department at the country’s largest optical shop.
    Newly made large format dry plates available! Look:

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    Re: Is focus a plane to plane affair?


    but not with the spec on your 8X10 plate holder some of us bought

    No worries, I will still buy your coated plates

    I appreciate your dedication to REAL things

    and willingness to lead with visible example

    Quote Originally Posted by Nodda Duma View Post
    Iím not dead yet, Drew. And I still design optics. This time as head of the engineering department at the countryís largest optical shop.
    Tin Can

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